Nano Biotechnology

Nano biotechnology is the application of nanotechnology in biotechnology. Applications in molecular diagnostics and pharmaceuticals, which include drug discovery, drug development, and drug delivery, are described. Nano biotechnology has refined the current molecular diagnostics by extending the limits of detection to single molecules. Nanoparticles play an important role in the delivery of biological therapies, which include cell therapy, gene therapy, vaccines, RNA interference, and antisense therapeutics. The most promising application of Nano biotechnology relevant to healthcare is for the development of personalized medicine. The refinement of molecular diagnostics, combination of diagnostics with therapeutics, and targeted drug delivery play important roles in this application. Finally, the safety issues of nanoparticles are discussed including measures to address these. The future prospects of Nano biotechnology are excellent the purpose of this sub track is to show, by selected examples, how biological approaches can contribute to Nano science.